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Please find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions - We hope they help!

Q. Do I have to book in advanced or can I just turn up?
A. You can turn up and you will probably get a ticket, however if you want to be guaranteed a particular time then we recommend that you book in advance. Christmas week is particularly busy at Ice Skating Blanchardstown so we do recommend booking in advanced.

Q. Is there special rates for large groups?
A. Yes! We have different options avalailable for large groups. To discuss these, please contact us on 0818 919 807. 

Q. Do you post out tickets if I book on line?
A. No, if you book online then your tickets are sent to the email address that you specified when making the booking. We don’t post tickets.

Q. If I book tickets online do I need to print them?
A. It would be beneficial to print your tickets if you book online as it enables you to skip the queue at the Box Office and head straight to the skate desk with your tickets. However, if you cannot print your tickets we can print them for you at the Box Office once you have a booking confirmation number. 

Q. What’s the maximum age for a Child Ticket?
A. Children’s tickets are for ages 12 and under. Children must be accompanied by an adult although the adult doesn’t have to skate!

Q. If I have booked tickets and can’t make it, what happens?
A. Tickets for Ice Skating Blanchardstown are like cinema tickets, no refunds. However you may exchange your tickets for another time at the box office. This change is subject to a €3.50 amendment fee plus any cost difference between the changed tickets. The tickets must be changed before the originally booked session begins. 

Q. What if Ice Skating Blanchardstown cancels our session?
A. If we cancel a scheduled session (e.g. due to a technical fault, weather conditions) customers may rebook for the next available session or rebook for a time of their choosing. Please note that refunds will not be offered. Every effort will be made to contact people in advance where contact information is provided, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Q. How long is a skating session?
A. Sessions are 50 minutes long and there is a 20 minute break between each session to allow for the ice to be cleared and resurfaced. You can join a session at any point during the 50 minutes but if you join late you cannot stay on the ice longer than the session time. We advise guests to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the session to ensure that you will get one the ice for the full session. 

Q. Is it suitable for young children?
A. Cork on Ice has a special rink for children. It is separate from the main rink and supervised by our staff, this area is suitable for children of about 3 years and upwards. Our smallest skate is a double bladed size 27 (double bladed skates are available up to a size 33). We also have an adjustable skate can be worn over shoes and adjusted to small sizes.

Q. Do you provide skates and what is your largest size?
A. Skates are provided and included in the price. Our largest size is 15.

Q. I have a Cork on Ice voucher, how do redeem it?
A. Vouchers can be redeemed at the Box Office located at the rink, at the Information Stand located inside Blanchardstown Centre or by calling our call centre at 0818 919 807. 

Q. Are you insured if I fall and injure myself?
A. Ice Skating Blanchdstown is a fully insured event. This is an Ice Rink and there is a strong likelihood that you may fall. You skate at your own risk, we cannot be responsible for injuries sustained as a result of ice skating.

Q. Is there food available at the venue?
A. Yes, there is a variety of food available, it’s reasonable and fantastic quality and best of all it’s all local. 

Q. Is there an admission fee if I’m not skating?
A. There is no charge for entry to the event.

Q. Is there parking at the venue?
A. Yes, we have parking at the venue for both cars and coaches for patrons of the event.

Q. Can I bring my own skates?
A. Yes you are welcome to bring your own skates.

Q. Do you provide safety equipment?
A. We have a limited number of sets of helmets available. We recommend safety equipment while skating and you are free to bring your own.

Q. What clothing should I wear?
A. You are advised to wear warm light clothing if possible. Do bring a change of socks just in case and be sure to wear gloves while skating.

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