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If it's raining or windy, as long as it is safe to do so the tours will go ahead. Unfortunately, we don't have an umbrella big enough to cover the entire harbour!

We always follow saftey guidlines and recommendations. If the weather is deemed too dangerous we will cancel our trips and inform our guests as soon as possible. On the rare occasion that a trip has to be cancelled, we will offer the customers affected another date to sail.

Unfortunately, our boats are not wheelchair accessible at the moment. We do hope to rectify this in the forseeable future.

Our pick up points are Port of Cork Marina, Custom House Quay and Kennedy Quay in Cobh. You can view them on a map here directions

Our Cork Harbour Tour Boat has toilet facilities. Our Ribs do not have toilet facilities.

No, Smoking is prohibited onboard.

No, Alcohol is prohibited on board.

Cailin Ór
Our 72-seater tour boat is suitable in all weather
Seats: 72
Extras: Indoor Seating

Saoirse' – Saoirse is our 9mtr Excalibur Offshore.
Length: 9.2Mtr
Max Speed: 48kts
Seats: 12
Extras:  Hydrophone, Bluetooth Audio System, Phone Chargers, Fridge

'Slainte' – 
Length: 10Mtr
Max Speed: 41kts
Seats: 14
Extras:  Suspension Seats x4, Bluetooth Audio System, Phone Chargers, Fridge, Large Storage

Yes, there is always a chance you may get a little bit wet. Either with spray from the boat or the good aul' Irish weather! Note, there is indoor seating avalable on the Tour boat.

You can bring a baby on our Cork Harbour Tours.

Unfortunately, you cannot bring a baby on our Ribs as the Ribs are only suitable for children aged 8 and up.

Yes our Cork Harbour Tour Boat is suitable for older people. The only issue with our Ribs may be mobility, we will do our best to accommodate.

Yes, we would ask you only bring light snacks for personal consumption.

It is very possible to see wildlife while on a trip, but not guaranteed.

We suggest that you wear warm clothing, and dress for the weather on the day of your trip. Be sure to check the forecast that morning!

Things you may need to bring with you are suncream, sunglasses, and an extra fleece or jacket (prepare for all waether types). Wear flat comfortable shoes, in the interest of safety, high heels are not permitted.

Yes, just enter the name of whom the gift is for, on the booking. Alternatively, you can book the gift under your own name. Just ensure to pass the booking details on to the receiver.

On our Tour Boat you can choose a ONE-WAY trip of Cork to Cobh or Cobh to Cork.

If you want to return to your origin point we recommend the Train as the most convienient option and it also has a nice view of the harbour en route to your destination. Kent station is just a 10min walk from our departure point and we are event closer in Cobh with the Train station just 500m away from where we dock on Kennedy Pier. 

Our RIBs are more flexible with with times and landing points so let us know where and when you would like to be collected from and we can let you know if it's possible, available and give you a price. For more details on the RIBs please call Andrew on 0864010647

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